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Dog Not Obeying Anymore

I have that problem with my dog too (a black lab/beagle mix). Especially when Jack was smaller (she's not as big a fan now, since he can chase her and he ...

Next Door Dog Leaves Its Business in My Front Yard

When my neighbors dog was doing this I picked it up and threw it in their .... start my own business · dog talk · big dog and little dog · own a business ...

My 2 Year Old Gets Bullied Often

Oct 28, 2009 ... When my lab died, my little terrier still wanted to play with all the big dogs�. the bigger the better. However, some of the big dogs ...

Good Dog Breeds for Active Boys

He weighs 44 lbs and won't get bigger - there are two types of PWD big and normal size. We have a normal size dog. Bigger ones can be about 75 lbs. ...

Dog Biting and Putting Down?

Our dog was a terrier mix, so not a big dog. Ours was food aggressive and my son dropped Cherrios on the floor and the dog went in to attack mode. ...

Dog Found in Bedford, 76021

I have pictures at home. Please let me know if it's a big husky. OOPs I just noticed that you stated the dog was a she, so nevermind. ...

Help - My Dog Ate Chocolate

I know you already have the answer, but big dogs can actually eat quite a bit before it will hurt them badly. My sister's lab ate an entire heart-shaped box ...

Which Dog Breed - Schnoodle or Mini Schnauzer?

We also have one big dog (100 lbs) who is very gentle with them and a great dog but she doesn't really like to interact or..."

Once House Broken Dog Needs Retraining After Move

It is definately not cruel to cage your dog all day. Most dogs actually find that more comforting that being in a big house all by its self. ...

What Kind of Dog Does Your Family Have?

They are very good family dogs. The nice thing about them, is they are a sturdy dog ( Ruby Sue is 50 lbs) without being a big dog. They are big enough to ...
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