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Not Eating or Eating Big Meals????

Aug 25, 2009 ... My 4 day born is having big 30 minutes meals every 1012 hoursplease help. whato do we need to do we are very scare ...

*Potty Training*

There is a prep period if I remember correctly, but on the "BIG DAY" where we dedicated 1 full day to potty train him, I swear to you, he was indeed potty ...

2 Year Old Birthday

You are fine not having a big bday for him but it still sounds like you are doing something for and with him that is what matters He wont remember and at ...

1 Yr. Old Birthday Party

Haha thats too funny My daughter wont be 1 until September but already Ive been thinking about the big day I think just a party with friends and family is ...

Snip Snip

Intrested in seeing whats said too, my husband big day is the 11/3/09. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Help! I Need Advice!

Oct 4, 2009 ... And that its ok if I dont vacume every day and if we stay in our pjs for a day. ... out with shopping and chores a couple of days a week until the big day? ...

My Girls Are 4 Years, 5 Hours and 15 Mins apart.(They Were Born an the Same Day)

My girls were born on the same day just 4years 5hours and 15 mins apart, and the "big" day is coming and last year it wasn't such a big deal for them to ...

Need to Cook a Lot of Hot Dogs for B-day Party

We did this for my son's 4th b-day too (I'm also not a big hot dog fan, but hey, kids love em). You can get big packs at Costco that are pretty good. ...

Birthday Dinner Ideas for 16 Year Old Daughter.

Oct 7, 2009 ... However, I want to do something little for her "big day". She has about 8 girlfriends (aka "the girls) she likes to hang out with. ...

Cramps & Braxton Hicks.. Preterm Labor??

My advice is to rest up...don't try to push yourself because you are getting ready for the big day. But, also, rest assurred because this could really help ...
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