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Introducing a Bottle to Breastfed Baby

My breastfed babies never took more than a #2 and that was when they were 10-12 ... Most of my friends introduce a bottle of formula early and have no ...

Change in Stool Consistency and Frequency for Breastfed Baby

My breastfed baby is now four 1/2 months old. ... Is this normal change for breastfed babies? I don't think it is formula because I ... Best Toddler Gear: ...

Breastfed Baby Hardly Poops

It's perfectly OK for a baby who is exclusively breastfed to poop far less (up to 14 days between BMs) than formula-fed babies. ...

Constipation Causing Formula

They say breastfed babies don't get constipated, but I don't believe it. ... Next question: Need Help with Deciding Which Formula Is Best for My Baby. ...

Breastfed Baby Super-gassy After Bottles

Aug 24, 2009 ... Playtex bottles with the plastic liners worked best for us We used ... Maybe try a lesser flow nipple for newborns A breastfed baby is used ...

I Am Thinking About Breastfeeding Our Next Baby.

Hi C It is wonderful that you are thinking of breastfeeding So much better for you & baby& cheaper than formula The best resources that I have found are ...

Breastfed Babies and Bottle Nipples

I like the Soothie bottles the best. Dr. Brown's are good too. ... We both breast feed, she supplements with formula and I have my daughter or husband feed ... Avent - Made for Breast fed babies (Not too easy to get milk from & not so ...

Supplementing with Formula?

Breastfed babies tend to grow faster the first 6 months, then slow down, and for formula babies, it is the opposite. As long as she is healthy, ...

5 Day Old Baby, 3 Year Old Has a Cold and Wants to Touch - Help!

Oct 12, 2009 ... He also said that they don't usually see a boost in a breastfed baby's immunity versus a formula fed baby's immunity until the baby is ...

Breastfed Baby Wanting to Start Cereal

Nov 10, 2009 ... You can mix it with water, formula or breast milk. ... They can better evaluate what is best for your baby. Helpful? ...
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