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Outside Dog Odor

Read all 10 responses: "Our Dog stays inside & outside an equal amount of time. ... Food and inhaled allergies most often express themselves on dogs' skin, ... What Is the Best Solution for Getting Urine Smell Out of Carpet? ...

Raw Food Diet

In general, a raw food diet is best for both animals as well as for people, though I realize you mean meat for your dog and I mean plant food for humans. ...

How Do You Discipline a 9 Month Old?

I can offer a few suggestions, gate off the area where the dog's food is. ... You're trying to do what's best for your daughter, just too soon. ...

What Kind of Dog to Get for 5 Year Olds and 3 Year Old.

I also agree with the others that say the best dog is a mixed mutt. ..... but they are HUGE, so that means a lot of dog food and a lot of dog poo. ...

Bad Smelling Cat Poop! Help!

They make the best cat and dog food. My 3 cats have been on it for years. No one knows I have cats till they see them. They emit a very minimal amount of ...

Getting a Dog for the First Time

... be but a week later it bit her when she put her hand in its food bowl. .... We adopted our dog two years ago via and she is the BEST ... It's been a while since we got him, but he's been THE BEST dog for our family. :) ...

What Kind of Dog?

Little ones also enjoy throwing food and watching the dogs run for it, ... Also they are cross breeding many dogs now giving the best of each dog into one ...

My Dogs' Shedding Is Out of Control!

I do buy dog food with meat as the first ingredient, .... My best suggestion it to go buy a "rake". It is a dog brush that looks more like a rake than a ...

Heightened Sense of Smell or Just My Imagination?

Coffee, asian food, dog food and most perfumes KILLED me. ... Best of luck to you! It is an amazing journey- having a baby- like starting your life anew. ...

What Time to Pull Dog Food to Avoid Middle of the Night Pooping?

If you feed them a really good expensive dog food that should end the problem. ... Best of luck to you that it gets better. I know it has to be very hard on ...
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