benadryl 2 years old

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Flying with 4 Year Old for the 1St Time

Jun 5, 2009 ... Skip the benadryl. She's old enough to be entertained and distracted. ... Traveling on an Airplane with Our 2 and 4 Year Old Children for ...

Help Seasonal Allergies in 1 1/2 Year Old

My one year old has allegies too. I called our pediatrician and was advised to try children's claritin, 3 to 4 ml per day. You can use Benadryl instead but ...

Unusual Rash on My 2 Year Old

I gave her oatmeal baths, benadryl, prescription benadryl, and the prednisone. .... My niece had it when she was 2 or 3 years old. A 5 day fever, rash, ...

Cough Due to Draining Nose

Read all 13 responses: "Hi I have a three year old and she has come down with ... I use that for my two year olds and always stops the cough and the runny nose. ... Benadryl will make them sleepy, though. My daughter (8mos) just got her ...

"Seeking Cold Remedies for Babies Under Two Years Old"

Benadryl will also help to dry up the mucous (check with your pediatrician .... I have a 1 year old that has had something or another since about 2 months. ...

What OTC Rx Do You Use?

PLEASE ask your doctor though, because the label starts dosing at six years old! I prefer the Dimetapp over the Benadryl for 2 reasons: 1 is that the taste ...

2 1/2 Year Old Coughs Only Late Night..

I used to give my kids Benadryl at night if it was drainage, just to try .... Maybe hard with a two year old, but our 4yo begs to do it since he feels so ...

2 Year-old Coughing, Do We Need to See a Doctor?

My daughter is gonna be 2 years old in 5..." ... infant's for newborns and children's for your two year old. I swear by Benadryl or Dimatapp Cough & Cold. ...

Allergy Medication for a 2 Year Old

I give my son, who is 2years old, clariton. (SP?) They have chew able tablets for children. It works great! I think its much better than benadryl and ...

What to Do with an Insect Bite?

Read all 8 responses: "Hey moms, I will be taking my 2 1/2 year old daughter ... Benadryl (2 teaspoon 3 times per day) until she was bump free for two days. ...
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