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Watermelon for Baby?

The trick with them is to use them regularly when teething. The homeopathic remedies chamomilla, pulsatilla and bella donna work well for ear aches, ...

Searching for a Quiet Swing

I would suggest just retiring the swing and maybe try some baby Tylenol or one of the herbal teething medicines (one that does not contain belladonna, ...

Two Year Old Molars......

Teething tablets by Hyland's help but keep in mind that they are milk-based ... because it contains a little bit of bella donna, which will make him sleepy. ...

Orajel Bad for Baby's Gums??

If you're sure it's teething pain, use the Orajel to help relieve immediate pain , .... It contains bella donna. You may want to try it. Helpful? ...

Night Time Fever

We've always gotten nighttime fevers with teething...up to around 103...but usually in the ... You can also try (which I would use and prefer) Belladonna. ...

GERD - Other Treatments?

And honestly, some of the ingredients in common homeopathic cures are a bit suspect (belladonna and caffeine in Hylands teething tablets comes to mine) ...

No More Fever, Thanks for the Advise.

If it's a teething fever it will probably go up and down for about a week, but as long ... homeopathic aconite or belladonna - belladonna is for high fever, ...

Need Advice on 2 Week Old Cryer

get ahold of humphries #3 for teething. its an old spanish remedy. It has belladonna in it that calms and soothes baby so she can rest. ...

Fevers in Toddler

There's hope in your horizon - once teething is over you should notice a drop in ... I was shocked when I gave him a dose of homeopathic Belladonna and his ...
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