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Crib Bumpers

K.R. asks from Dayton

My husband and I are getting ready to transition our baby into her crib. We've been told by several hospital professionals at the NICU that bumpers are not safe, yet...


Looking for Nursery "Theme" Ideas!

K.C. asks from Chicago

My husband and I just decided to TTC our 3rd little one. For our first two, I used the same bedding set. I want to do something different and special for what will ...


Where to Find Extra Long Sheets for Twin Bed?

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

I am having a hard time finding extra long twin sheets for my daughter's new big girl bed. I have checked most of the main stores and have only found a few sets. I ...


Curious.....How Often Do You Buy Yourself New Bed Sheets?

M.M. asks from Dallas

I get tired of the same 2 sets but the frugal side of me tells me the ones I have are just fine. The last set I bought was 3 years ago. How often do people buy new ...


How Did You Dress up Your Toddler Bed?

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

So correct me if I'm mistaken, but there seems to be crib bedding and twin bedding, but nothing that works well for a toddler bed. As in something that both dresses...


Twin Bed or Full Size Bed??

J.P. asks from Lewiston

It's coming up to my daughter's 7th birthday!! I want to get her a new bed, right now she is in a twin sized bed but I want to replace it. It has a nice shelf on the ...


Need Decorating Ideas for Son/daughter Sharing a Room

M.S. asks from San Francisco

Hello! My son and daughter (3&2) share a room and have for about 18 months now. When they first started sharing a room, we painted the walls a soft green and they bot...


Need Second Opinion(s) =)

J.T. asks from Grand Rapids

I am due with my 2nd in a couple of weeks and this baby decided not to cooperate at the ultrasound, so I have no idea if it is a boy or a girl. Being the planner tha...


A Good Place to Donate..

J.M. asks from Seattle

I am looking for a place to donate complete bedding sets that would benefit a womens shelter or for transitional housing. I have a full nursery set that is a neutral...


Looking for Decent Children's Sheets

C. asks from Tampa

We are getting ready to redo my son's bedroom to turn it into a big boy's room instead of a nursery. He has picked out a space theme for his room that we saw at Targ...

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