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Need Baby Bath Tips and Tub Reccomendations

My 7 month old is sitting up well and is ready to graduate from the bath sponge into sitting up ... then just wash it with the rest of your soiled towels. ...

My Washing Machine Stinks!

Wash some old towels in the machine with a cup of vinegar. We also use vinegar in the downy ball rather than fabric .... Stinky Bath! ...

Smelly Do I Get the Smell Out?

LOL I forgot about my towels in the washing machine and now they have this really gross smell to them, i have washed and ... Mildew Smelling Bath Towels ...

How to Clean Washing Machine

Why Is My Washing Machine Making the Towels Smell Bad? 52 · Help with Mildew Smell on Laundry · 34 · Getting That Musty Smell Out of My Bath Towels ...

Moms Who Have Had Their Baby at Provena Mercy Hospital in Aurora

Example is i was told some hospitals give you very small bath towels and my cousin told me i should take a dark big bath towel from home ( she had her baby ...

Help with Smelly Towels!!!

All of our colored towels have a mildew..." ... I have same problem alot and I do throw away and the Target towels I .... Stinky Bath! ...

Dirty Teddy Bears!

I'm doing the "in the pillowcase" thing first and with a couple bath towels second. I'm hoping for sunny, hot weather so that they can "sunbathe" dry on the ...

Water Breaking Preparation

I would recommend.. have at least, two large bath towels in the car to sit on. I would also recommend Depends adult diapers. I tried using one of those ...

Need Cheap/free Summer Activities for My 4 Children or I'll Go Crazy!!

Dump all car wash towels, bath towels, and wet suits in washer and everything is already cleaned up! We also do lots of coloring and cutting and painting ...

Baby Shower & Bridal Shower

For bridal, you can use kitchen/bath towels they registered for, or for the ... For my bridal shower, my aunt bought a set of bath towels, hand towels and ...
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