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16 Mth Old Fighting Going to Bed - Let Him Stay up or Keep to Schedule?

Should I let him stay up until he tires out and wants to go to bed like he .... Then stick to whatever bedtime routine works, like bath, singing songs and ...

3 Yr Old Who Is Fighting Going to Bed, Even Tho Her Eyes Are Dark W/ Circles

We stay in the bath until she says she is done, make it nice and warm, ... Once in the bedroom, we take our time reading, but I do not get in bed with her ...

Bleach in Baby’s Bath?????

Oct 22, 2009 ... our dog doesn't have fleas, I can't find evidence of bed bugs, etc. ... Use Lavendar Oil in the bath water. A few drops of Lavendar Oil ...

8 Month Old Crying When I Put Her in bed..this Is New

My hubby and I used to have her in our bed always and we stopped that at 5 .... if you don't have a set routine like reading a book & bath this might help. ...

What Age Did You Switch Your Child to the "Big Kid" Bed??

... took him to the playground to get worn out),I gave him a bath and lotioned him up, .... We moved our oldest to a big boy bed (we skipped the toddler bed ...

Looking for New Ideas to Get My Toddler to Sleep on Her Bed.

We would do our usually routine - bath, pjs, read books in her bed, she picks out her stuffed andimals and flashlight to put in bed, and then we spray her ...

5 Year Old Not Wanting to Go to Sleep

She takes a bath before bed. If she gives me trouble, I ask her if she wants to go to school stinky. Of course , with the other kids, she doesn't want that, ...

Baby Wont Sleep in His Crib

Give them a nice warm bath and a nice warm bottle on milk. ... Putting the crib next to your bed, and holding his hand through the bars while he falls ...

2 Year Old Not Wanting to Go to Sleep

Oct 26, 2009 ... Also, try to tire your munchkin out (walks around the neighborhood or something) , then do dinner, bath, reading, bed, or whatever routine it ...
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