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Baby Pooping in Bathtub

The other mom had a great point that you can put a baby potty on the floor .... My kids are all grown now, but I used to bath them before dinner and my kids ...

How Can I Help My Baby's Dry Skin?

Aveeno Baby, unscented lotion was a rec from our Pediatrician and along with a bath every night it seemed to work (A&D for those really rough patches. ...

Bath Time??

I've always found it easier to do babies earlier, and I'd rather not have the distraction of bathing the baby while watching toddlers...but it can certainly ...

Need Suggestions for Bath Soap/lotion for Sensitive Skin and Ezcema.

When he breaks out the only thing that seems to give him any relief is to take a bath in the aveeno baby bath soak (he usually spends about 20 minutes in ...

Baby Eczema

I also use their baby bath for his hair/body. This seems to work best. I have also used JoJoba oil(pronoinced hohoba) that I bought at the Rainbow Co-op for ...

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Especially if this is the first baby for the woman, she probably doesn't have board books for the baby to play with and look at. Or you could do a bath book ...

A Baby Having Sensation While Pee & Pee Area Can't Sleep over Night

Is there someone who can tell me about my little baby who is just 4 years old .... It could be an allergic reaction to her bath soaps, or bubble bath. ...

Any Remedy for Severe Baby Acne and Dry Scalp?

Try Aveeno bath for baby (you will find it in the same area as other baby ... If you rub baby oil in about five minutes before his bath and then wash it out ...

"Hyperactive" Baby

He will not calm down to eat, to take a bath, etc..." ... My son now 5 we like that he didnt relish in his baby hood at all he seemed so discontent with ...

Advice on Caring for a Toddler with a Long Leg Cast

I let my baby fall out of his crib and didn't even know it was broken for ... I put a plastic bag over it and taped it for him to take his bath as usual. ...
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