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Finding the Right Dog

The set up was a little intimidating for my son3 years old all the dogs barking kind of scared him and he is very used to dogs but since yours are older ...

"No Soliciting" Signs?

It's such a hassle to open the door to them when I have a toddler, another on the way, and two barking dogs! I have seen some homes with pretty little "No ...

Bark & Purr Retreat in Southlake

We are going out of town and will need to board our 2 dogs (who have not been ... we picked him up was that he was hoarse from all the barking......if you ...

Opinion on Neighbor Noise

I know that barking dogs, screaming kids, fireworks after 9pm, and other things like ...... Next question: Unbiased Advice How to Deal with "Barking" Dog ...

Jack Russell Acting Out on Toddler

Aug 26, 2009 ... Our Dogs Wont Stop Barking and Are Scaring Other Kids in the Neighborhood · 39 · Jack Russell Terrier Temperment ...

Toddler with Irrational Fears?

Not the typical monsters in the closet but things like loud noises, waves at the beach, barking dogs – that kind of thing. Even simple things like someone ...

My Dog Bit Another Child

hi moms. i have had a terrible accident happen today. my dog (a border ... my daughters ball pit making it shake and our dog went in after him barking and ...

Looking for Good Cattery (Cat Kennel)

They never hear the barking dogs (this always freaked out our kitty at other places) They even had piped in music for them. We are friends with one of the ...

Getting a Dog for the First Time

See what their reaction is to the other dogs when you get them out of their cage . Is he shy, nervous, barking a lot, etc.? See what they're like with your ...
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