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Seeking Suggestions for Halloween Costumes!!

J.S. asks from Chicago

So, this year I decided I would like to make costumes for me and my husband, and I am wondering what suggestions you may have. I was hoping to find something where I...


When Do You Purchase Your Halloween Costumes?

M.!. asks from Columbus

This is really our first year that the kids "really really really want to be ...." They keep changing their minds tho. I would hate to wait too long to get a costu...


Slutty Halloween Costumes

C.M. asks from Chicago

Is it just me or are Halloween costumes for little girls quite revealing? Last year I went to the Halloween store with my then 9-year old daughter (now she's 10) and ...


Halloween Costumes:very Disturbing or Am a Prude?

C.G. asks from Davenport

So, I have received about a zillion costume-selling magazines in the last few weeks. I can not believe the costumes for tween girls. I even made a comment to husban...


4 Year Old Boy Playing Dress up with Girls' Costumes

L.C. asks from Denver

A friend of mine is wondering if it is unusual that her 4 year old son to likes to play dress up and dress up in princess dresses, etc. He has a younger almost 3 ye...


"My Princess Boy" and "What Would You Do"...

B.C. asks from Dallas

I have a little girl (two actually) that are 1/2 princess, 1/2 tomboy. My 3 y/o has an iron man mask, pirate costumes, police costumes, as well as princess and fairy ...


princess/Barbie Alternatives?

H.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, My 4-year old has discovered the joy of princesses an has just seen her first Barbie, and wants one. Are there any more "progressive" versions of the pri...


5Th Birthday

A. asks from Lakeland

My daughter is turning five next month. She has lots of Barbies, MLP's, Teenage Munant Ninja Turtles (she is diverse!), etc. Has anyone found a good toy/movie that yo...


Halloween Costume at Work- JFF

K.R. asks from Dallas

Who out there is allowed to wear costumes to work and who does? I've been a witch (more like "realistic" witch than Hollywood black-hat and broom witch) and I was...


Best Costume in Your Neighborhood?

M.B. asks from Washington DC

Had to post this question cause I've got a GOOD one... there was a guy riding on a real horse as a The Headless Horseman! We don't live in the country (not far from ...

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