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529 College Savings Plan?

I set up my children's directly with Utah's plan and it was quick and easy - like opening a bank account. You can set up automatic deposits. ...

College Savings Fund

I started my son two accounts that are wonderful. One at Bank of America, I started with a Custom Savings account and that only required $25.00 to start and ...

6 Year Old Allowance

Like if you have $5: she can put $2 in savings to go in her bank account, $1.50 in gift account so she can buy her friends a gift on their b-day or parents ...

How Do You Organize Your Bills & Paperwork?

Oct 9, 2009 ... Like others here I set up to have as many bills as possible paid by automatic draft from my bank account or in just a couple of cases ...

Combining Finances - How Do You Do It?

We always maintained separate bank accounts, what I would do, about 2-3 days before his payday, Id tell my husband what his bills came up, [some bills we ...

Shared or One Person?

I do the bill paying, but he manages the bank accounts. Basically I am responsible to make sure that the bill payments are sent out on time and let him know ...

Savings for Junior

I also know that a regular savings account doesn't earn much but earns more then the piggy bank at home does, so until you decide what to do, I would put it ...

What Is a Good Christening Gift?

I think that you should get a small gift that the baby can have as a keepsake, and then maybe a check for the parents to start a bank account for him. ...

Looking for Credit Card "Perks"

We usually wait until it's about $100 or so and we deposit the cash back check in our sons bank accounts. There is a $300 annual maximum on cash back. ...

My Boss Wants Me to Pay for His Miss Dinner

Oct 20, 2009 ... I would say something about how bad you feel about things and that you'll check your bank accounts to see if you can cover his dinner now or ...
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