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M.G. asks from Des Moines

Since we recently moved, alot of stuff is catching up to us and we are being hit with all kinds of bills from up to 8 years ago, anyway long story short, I was wonder...



M.P. asks from St. Louis

I have a good friend who in casual conversation one day, mentioned that they had not made their house payment in over 10 MONTHS! I was floored! I asked her how it h...



T.C. asks from Hickory

I really dont wanna get into the reasons why i am asking this, so please dont ask. Has anyone ever filed for bankruptcy?? If so, what happened? did you loose your ...



G.A. asks from Lakeland

Hi my husband and I have pretty much decided to file bankruptcy, im very sad about it but with him loosing is god paying job, we just cant afford all our bills now, c...


Bankruptcy Lawyer

A.D. asks from Chicago

I don't even want to ask this question but after taking too many blows in one year my husband and I have to face the option of filing bankruptcy. We don't even know a...


Adoption with Bankruptcy

L.V. asks from Dallas

Hi, Mamas. We have three children currently, all girls, ages 5, 2, and 6 weeks. My husband and I always envisioned four kids, but this last pregnancy was a very diffi...


To File a Bankruptcy or Not??

D.B. asks from Detroit

Like many families in MI, I lost my job about a year ago and have since not found another. My hubby is working very hard to support our family of three (about to fou...


Simple Bankruptcy Help

A.M. asks from Phoenix

I am a disabled single mother and need to file bankruptcy. I am filing on six credit cards and that is it. It is pretty straight forward. I spoke with an attorney ...


Getting Home After Bankruptcy

K.C. asks from St. Louis

Hi! Does anyone have any experience buying/renting a home (particularly a mobile home) after a bankruptcy discharge? Ours was discharged just this past Sept. It's a...


Filing Bankruptcy Where Do I Start?

A.D. asks from Omaha

Hey! Well I am needing to go ahead and start to file bankruptcy for our family, any advie or legal services yoru reccommend (or dont for that matter)? Thanks!

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  • credit card debt in 2 answers "I kept my house and my car and ditched the credit card debt that would have taken ..."
  • no credit reports in 2 answers "... they haven't gone over our finances with a fine tooth comb. No credit reports ..."
  • house is part of the bankruptcy in 2 answers "... when they left!) So, it could be that the house is part of the bankruptcy ..."
  • credit cards in 5 answers "Most of it medical bills, but a good chunk credit cards that we used for hotels, meals ..."
  • by far the worst in 2 answers "failure" was by far the worst part."