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Occupy Wall Street--Are You Mamas Game?

K.S. asks from Detroit

If you didn't have kids to raise and/or a job to go to, would you join one of the Occupy Wall Street protests? Or perhaps you already have. Have these folks found an ...


Salaries & Record Profits

☆.A. asks from Pittsburgh

My husband works for an International Corporation, gets "off the chart" high performance reviews, is a leader at work and is well respected. He's the "go to" guy whe...


Anyone Regret Getting Back to Work After Being SAHM ? Need Some Advice..

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

I am a mom to an almost 3 year old son. I started working part time when he was 6 months old. And a year later, I quit. The guilt of leaving him was too much for me e...


Boyfriend Is a photographer..and I Hate It!

J.S. asks from Phoenix

I don't know what to do anymore. I've been with a great manfor 2 and 1/2 years. He is a photographer who does many different kinds of pictures (fashion, architectural...


Thank You for Responding to My Question!!!!

J.S. asks from Dallas

My kids and I were watching the State of the Union address last week. My 5 y/o son is most intrigued by Pres. Obama and was engulfed in every word. At one point P...


Wondering How to Respond to My 22-Month Old Child "Selectively" Ignoring Me!

J.S. asks from Las Cruces

Hi fellow moms, Recently, my 22-month old daughter has begun to not respond to me when I ask her certain questions or make specific requests of her. I know that ...


Bachelorette Party and Wedding

J.C. asks from Philadelphia

I just found out not too long ago that I will be losing my job that I've had for over 8 years around Christmas and my daughter's birthday who will be 3 and is so exci...


IF You Make 100K plus Annually, Does Working 10 to 12 Hr Days Seems like a Lot ?

A.L. asks from Las Vegas

Hello!! I am just curious what people think. I have made much less than that and in turn , worked 10 to 12 hrs a day myself... I have a friend who is a senior direct...


Financial Freedom in Marriage

R.R. asks from San Francisco

In a marriage where both partners work, what is the best way to manage money? Put it in joint account, joint and separate, or just separate and share expenses? If th...


Are We Asking Too Much of Our Public School Teachers?

S.J. asks from Tucson

So just for full disclosure I am a secondary teacher and I had a really stressful day. This is more of a vent...but also a question about societies expectations of te...

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