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Work from Home Jobs

K.P. asks from York

I know this question has been asked before but I would really like to find a legitimate work from home job. We moved to PA last fall because my husband had the oppor...


Life Insurance? Aflac? I Spend Our $ on Health Insurance

M.N. asks from Charlotte

We all have health insurance, but none of us have Aflac or life insurance. My friend told me she spends hundreds a month on Aflac and life insurance and if I don't b...


REAL At Home Work, Not Scams

A.F. asks from Phoenix

Hello there! I'm wondering if any of you Mama's have found successful work from home careers other than childcare? I've been doing childcare for 5 years in my home a...


Contact with Debt Collectors

S.M. asks from State College

I recently went through the file labeled "DEBT" in my cabinet. Several of them were from banks with overdue balance, which I think I can work out fairly easily since...


Moving on a Regular Basis - What Can I Do?

P.S. asks from Dallas

It seems like this has been happening in my life since I was a kid. We lived in one place for 6 years, then my parents got divorced and it was 3-4 years in one spot s...


Today's Job Market--how Do You Acquire a Good Paying Office Job?

M.C. asks from Detroit

I know that this a very broad question, but maybe someone who is more plugged into the work force can give us some insight into today's job market. Here's the gist: ...


Not Teaching Cursive Anymore? REALLY??!!!

A.J. asks from Williamsport

I've been reading about the massive cuts to schools in our area for the past couple of years, with a whole new wave of cuts happening now in surrounding counties. It...


What Do You Work as ??? Need Career Advice !!!!

D.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, I want/need to find a better paying job.... I get $ 13 an hour and work my b*** off....I'm so stressed out I want OUT !!!!!!! I want to go back to colleg...


Any Moms Out There with ADD? How to Cope with Forgetting Things like BILLS

K.J. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, Since becoming a mom, and even more-so, since becoming a SAH mother of 2, I feel like I can't focus on anything anymore. I know that it could just be "m...


Husband Possibly Changing Jobs

A.C. asks from Memphis

Let me give everyone a little background info: for the past two years, my husband has been a manager at a restaurant....he would work most nights of the week and alw...

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