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Cord Blood Banking for Stem Cells - Anyone Done It?

Read all 19 responses: "I'll soon be delivering my 2nd baby and need to make a decision about cord blood banking. We didn't with our first b/c we figured ...

Cord Blood Banking

Read all 10 responses: "My husband and I are considering banking our baby's cord blood. Looking for the best company to do it with. Any advice?"

What Did You Do About Cord Blood Banking?

Read all 4 responses: "We banked child #1's with LifeBank USA. Did not bank child #2 (& now he's Type 1 diabetic...if we had, he could be currently ...

Cord Blood Banking

Read all 6 responses: "Just looking for some information and opinions on this topic... I am pregnant with my 3rd (and last) and never considered this option ...

Cord Blood Banking

Read all 24 responses: "Hi Moms, Can any of you tell me your experiences and who you went with for cord blood banking if you have? Thanks."

Kid-friendly Banking

Read all 5 responses: "I've been meaning to open a savings account for my kids. Do you have any recommendations? and do you know if any of them give aa card ...

Cord Blood Banking

Read all 7 responses: "I'm just starting to research about cord blood banking and was wondering if you did it or if you considered it while you were ...

Cord Blood Banking HELP!

Read all 13 responses: "This is my "last chance" for cord blood banking. I have researched all the big guys and some of he little ones - I just need some ...

Cord Blood Banking

Read all 20 responses: "Any thoughts on this? Was your doctor a big advocate of it?"

Banking Problems

Read all 11 responses: "Has anyone had problems with Washington Mutal? My husband and I have recently (past 1 or 2) starting having problems with them ...
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  • cord blood with cord blood registry in 2 answers "Jennifer, We decided to store our son's cord blood with Cord Blood Registry (CBR ..."
  • cord blood bank in 4 answers "... of the other responses, but I liked the one of donating it to a cord blood bank."
  • had our first child in january in 2 answers "Hi N., my husband and I just had our first child in january, and banked his cord."
  • his own cord blood in 2 answers "... if your child were to ever need a stem cell transplant, his own cord blood ..."
  • cord blood registry in 2 answers "Hi R.. We went through CBR.........Cord Blood Registry and have had a really good ..."