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Anyone Bank Their Cord Blood

Read all 9 responses: "Hi I'm 7m pregnant with my second child and I did not bank or donate my cord blood with my first child, however I'm thinking of doing ...

I Can't Get a Checking Account!

Now I am trying to get a new account at a different bank and because it is .... I don't know of any bank that will let you open an account if you still owe ...

Need a Great Preschool That Won't Break the Bank!

Read all 10 responses: "Any ideas for a great school that isn't going to cost me $500 a month for tuition!?!? I looked at Apple BLossom and it seems so ...

Baby Shower Cake

Anyone know where we can go to get a different baby shower cake but without breaking the bank? Preferably the Northern Pinellas/Clearwater area but at this ...

Gift Card Problems w/Target and Visa Bank Cards - Beware

Read all 11 responses: "Hi All, We have lots of teens that we purchase gifts for - and most of them would prefer gift cards. We also use gift cards for ...

Pay Checks for a Deceased Person

Can she put them in the bank? Thanks in advance for your help during this time .... Once she passed away, I was able to continue to use her bank accounts to ...

Do Banks Check Credit Before Giving You an Account?

Read all 22 responses: "My friend says she was turned down by the bank to be added to her new husbands checking account because she had bad credit(from ...

Shared Bank Account

Read all 10 responses: "My husband and I have been married for 5 years and have known each other for 10. However, he still refuses to have a joint checking ...

Upromise Account - Is It Worth It?

ING is an online bank that offers very high interest rates because they have no overhead .... Try Fifth Third Bank also. They have a wonderful college fund. ...

Seeking Advice from Mamas on Whether to Bank Cord Blood.

Read all 13 responses: "I am debating on whether to bank my baby's cord blood. I am curious on how many other mamas decided for or against it.
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  • second chance checking account in 2 answers "They have a second chance checking account."
  • cord blood banking in 2 answers "... product launch that saves many more stem cells as compared to cord blood banking ..."
  • will let you open an account in 2 answers "I don't know of any bank that will let you open an account if you still owe another ..."
  • second chance banking in 2 answers "... if you have a Woodforest Bank in your city... they are a second -chance banking."
  • second chance banking in 2 answers "She can also try a bank with second chance banking until she can clear up the problem ..."