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Husband and Father Looking up and Emailing Old Girls as Friends from High School

Were these friends really bad influences or something? My husband and I get together with friends fairly often, sometimes with the kids, sometimes without. ...

I Need Your Advice...........

They can grow up without the bad influences of a lazy fiance. Now there is nothing wrong with telling them in just a minute, but then, you must respond, ...

Momma Seeking Advice for 3 1/2 Year Old's Behavior

I had to try really hard to find DECENT boys for him to play with, and we got rid of bad influences for him. If he is in preschool,may I suggest you ...

8 Year Old That Will Not Ride the Bus

I did that becuase my son was having problems on the bus (too many older kids and bad influences and a lack of supervision and structure). ...

Moms of Teenagers Who Have a Good Relationship with Their Kids

I think that would help with the possible bad influences, drugs and things like that. My kids are still little, but I think it's important to start from the ...

Advice on Talking to Toddler About Separation

My mom was glad to get my dad out and not have his bad influences on me. I think that was a good decision. I never knew any different and I love how I grew ...

I Am Invisible

Good luck and good for you for trying to straighten out your husbands bad influences. M. N.. Just thought that I would ask this. When my 4 1/2 year old ...

Advise on How to Handle Friend Choice

What you are decsribing here is not an issue of kids hanging out with bad influences. BIG RED FLAGS here. This father is really off the charts. ...

MTV For Toddlers?

Sorry if I sound harsh, but our kids have enough bad influences and they certainly don't need anymore right in their own home(MTV). ...

Don't like Daughter's Friend

At this age, she is still listening to you, so help her find her way, away from the bad influences, EVEN AT 6! 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...
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