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Moms of Multiple Children Gone Back to School for a Career Change

Read all 5 responses: "I was wondering if there are other moms of young children considering going back to school for a career change.

Back to School Meal Prep Ideas

Read all 13 responses: "I hate to sound like such a 'rookie', but I really am! I have a little, girl, age 4 who will be attending all day preschool 3 days a ...

Back-To-School Backpack Help

Read all 29 responses: "My son will be entering the 4th Grade...Last year he had to lug an agenda (3-Ring Binder) with him everyday...on top of his lunch ...

2Nd Grade Son Having a Hard Time Going Back to School

Read all 15 responses: "My son just started 2nd grade. The entire summer he was home with his little brother and dad. He has always been really outgoing.

Back to School and Teenage Shopper.

Read all 16 responses: "Normally at this time of year I'm able to give my teenage kids cash for their back to school needs, but not this year.

Back-to-school, Pluses and Minuses of Room Parenting?

Read all 6 responses: "So I am thinking about room parenting this year for my daughter's class. Any advice? I don't want to hear any more horror stories, ...

Walking to School and Back from School.

Walking to School and Back from School BellevueNE. My son is ten years old and I let him walk to school because his friends lives a few blocks away Im ...

How Soon Do I Let My Son Go Back to School After Surgery???

Read all 7 responses: "My 5 year old had surgery friday on his ear ( well let me explain), He does not have an ear canal on his right ear and he does not ...

Going to Law School with a One Year Old

I had my first and went back to school when she was 13 weeks old, second born Thursday, back to school Tuesday, third born August and back to school for ...

College Bound

I have decided to wait and go back when all of my children are in school. .... I resently went back to school too. I am in massage therapy school which is ...
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