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Epidural and Other Pain Relief Drugs During Labor Vs. "Natural" Childbirth

... go back to the hospital. When we arrived back - I was 5cm and they admitted me. ..... for back pain · back pain relief · child birth · drugs information ...

Any Suggestions for Relief of Sciatic Nerve Pain in Pregnancy?

I got relief as soon as I put it on. My husband took me to the mall and rented a ..... Any Recomendations for Relief of Recurring Back/sciatic Nerve Pain ...

Seeking Advice for Pain Relief!!

I got a lot of relief by wearing a belly support belt (from Babies R Us or online)--I .... I know I dealt with horrible back pain in both my pregnancies, ...

Severe Lower Back Pain and Constipation

The back pain could be the constipation or a combination of factors like position of the baby, so do a little of all of the above until you find relief. ...

Severe Backache Pain with Second Pregnancy

I never experienced this kind of back pain with my first pregnancy and only get relief when I lay on my heating pad for 20 mins at a time throughtout the ...

Lower Back Pain

Just a quick question about lower back pain For the past couple of weeks Ive been .... Any Recomendations for Relief of Recurring Backsciatic Nerve Pain ...

25 Wks. Pregnant with Severe Hip Pain

The result is no hip pain, no back pain, nothing! ... really adjusting, but I remember that I had some relief at the end and it was just more my back. ...

Pelvic Pain During Third Trimester

Luckily, I didn't suffer from the back pain. The only relief I got was by doing things you've already mentioned. Believe it or not the closer I got to my ...

Help with Wisdom Teeth Pain

I have pain meds at home from other medical problems I have, but they aren't..." ... pain relief · wisdom teeth · tooth pain · for back pain ...

Sore Throat Relief for Toddler

This action works the reflexes in the back of the throat and helps to loosens the .... free chocolate · back pain relief · free products · back relief ...
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