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Back of Head Bump and Nose Bleed

Oct 10, 2009 ... He his the back of his head but then got a nose bleed. ... Call your ped and see if they will check him or if he needs to go to urgent care. ...

Taking Naps at Day Care

I have an 11 month old who just started going back to day care.I am a teacher and 3 wonderful month off with her. Over the summer she was a nap schedule of ...

3 Year Old "Talking Back"

Sep 22, 2009 ... It's good for you to find ways to answer her w/o arguing back w/her or caving in . You'd hate to be one to say .... back care · back problems ...

Anxiety About Going Back to Work

It's almost like she knows I'll be going back to work soon. My husband plays and takes care of her when he gets home from work, but lately she seems to want ...

Advice for Going Back to Work on Monday!

Well I've been back to work full time for 3 weeks now (after staying home 4 .... There is a great need for this kind of care in my area and you may be able ...

Lower Back Pain, Knees and Feet

Read all 5 responses: "I have been having lower back pain since the birth of my ... Chiropractic care cured my daughters jaundice when she was born. ...

To Go Back to Work or Not to Go Back to Work....

During this time I will have to make the decision to go back to work.. or be a ... I had also worked in child care while going to college and saw the way ...

Going Back to Work

Read all 7 responses: "I'm going back to work in one week and my husband ... and NO ONE could possible take care of her like you do, but thats not a bad ...

Back Pain Carrying Twins

You need to get into regular chiropractic care with someone that deals with ... I had severe back pain early on with my second baby and I remember some of ...
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  • starting to go through seperation anxiety in 2 answers "It sounds like your daughter is starting to go through seperation anxiety."
  • take him to the er in 3 answers "I would take him to the ER or his doctors for sure."
  • primary breadwinner in 2 answers "I have been the primary breadwinner in my family their whole lives and it has been ..."
  • feel in your heart in 2 answers "So, do what you feel in your heart is best for your family, but know that there is ..."
  • rush to the er in 2 answers "So I know how it feels to know that it sounds crazy not to rush to the ER but see ..."