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Read all 20 responses: "Has anyone else had issues with acne since they have had ... like white flour and white rice(that your body metabolizes like sugar). ...

Baby Acne

It's not really acne, just called that. They think it's due to hormones leaving the baby's body. Just ignore it and it will go away on it's own within a few ...

Acne/Rash From Soy Formula?

She had acne from the formula but diarrhea from the soy milk. .... If you let your baby nurse on demand your body will learn to produce more milk. ...

Acne Breakouts During Pregnancy

I had horrible cystic acne on my back during my pregnancy. The Dr. (a derm) gave me antibiotics, if I recall, but it didn't do much...Having the baby did! ...

Is This Chicken Pox or What?

In my experiance chicken pox usually statr on the back or stomach and work their way up and down and around. It is probably baby acne. ...

How to Treat Acne for Good- or Almost

Acne is an inflammatory response and is a reflection of inflammation happening inside the body as well. If you address the root cause of the inflammation, ...

MAC Makeup or Pur Minerals?

When used with the acne spot treatment, you can expect to see skin clear up within 3 Days, now that is awesome!! We also give a 45 day money back guarentee! ...

5 Year Old with Acne

Read all 14 responses: "My 5 year old daughter gets acne on her lip in ... Pimples on your face are caused by infections in the pores, and the body is ...

14 Soon to Be 15 Year Old Son with Acne

Does anyone out there have a product that they would recommend for a teenager with sensitive skin to use for acne ? My son has it bad on his face and back. ...

Face Rash on 4 Month Old.

Back when he was a baby, my son got raised/rough eczema rashes when I bathed him every ... back acne dress · baby bath water temperature · aveeno baby acne ...
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