baby with one watery eye

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Green Discharge from 8 Week Olds Eyes

My daughter had to eventually have one of her tear ducts surgically opened but, after taking her to an opthomologist learned that most .... I've heard of baby's eyes crusting shut b/c of this sort of thing. ..... Watery, Crusty Eyes ...

Want Advice

This morning I noticed that one eye is definitely red. He doesn't go to daycare, but yesterday we .... Is it possible that the fragrance or solutions on the baby wipe u used irritated the eye? .... Watery and Leaking Eye in 1 Year Old ...

Closed Tear Duct?

My son has one eye that always gets watery. I took him to the doctor because i was concerned that he had .... Help with My Baby's eye.....blocked Tear Duct ...

Pink Eye

Pink eye will make your eyes watery and redish or pink. It does matt your eyes if your just waking. there is burning. sometimes it is only in one eye, ...

Runny Eyes in One Week Old

Runny Eyes in One Week Old. Hey All,,Jenny Here. Finally had my baby boy,,,9 ..... Help with My Baby's eye.....blocked Tear Duct ... Watery, Crusty Eyes ...

Breastfeed Baby with Green Poop!

Am I wrong or is there something wrong with my baby? Alex is seven..." ... Dr. Visits · Early Intervention · Eye Glasses · Eyes & Vision ... Yesterday his VERY wattery and this morning it was a THICK green and now a watery green mess. ... It sounds like he is just simply not emptying one breast before moving on to ...

Pink Eye Won't Go Away

my ped suggested to wash the eye with baby shampoo. ... First hand experience on this one....two main causes of pink eye, one is .... It turned out that my daughter has allegies which were causing the watery eyes and pink eye symptoms. ...


I have alos lost a baby so i would love to talk sometime if you are intrested. ... Her eye was very watery and oozy/crusty. We had to wait a day to get her into the doctor, ... possibly a blocked tear daughter had one eye, ...

Toddler Allergic to Sunscreen?

And the one time that someone put non-organic sunscreen on her (I think it was water babies), she broke out in a rash and her eyes got all red and watery. ...

Help with My Baby's eye.....blocked Tear Duct

We do it in the hospital all the time on babies with blocked tear ducts. Wipe the affected eye inside to out with one swipe of a gauze moistened with saline ...
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