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Advice on Weaning / Immunity Issues Following Weaning

Sep 3, 2009 ... The next question is whether, no matter when you weaned, you saw an increase in sickness with your baby afterwards. I am a little squeamish b/c of the Swine ...

Weaning Night Feedings

Once you start weaning, you can't go back. Your baby is only little for a short time, enjoy it while you can. Once each of mine was weaned, I really missed ...

Sippy Cup for Weaning from Breastfeeding?

It worked really well for my dd when weaning to a cup. They come with or without handles. .... baby weaning · world health organisation ...

Ovulating Again After Weaning

I know other women who didn't begin to ovulate again for a few months after baby was weaned, so I think everyone is different. You may not even need to wean ...

Breastfeeding Weaning

this was sent to me from someone from the LLL when i was weaning my baby last year... hope it helps. also the government has a help line for breastfeeding ...

Weaning from Bottle to Sippy Cup

So now it comes time to wean from the bottle...she takes a sippy cup of water ... packed them up and gave all of them to a friend who had just had a baby. ...

Trying to Wean and She Can't Tolerate the Substitutes...

Sep 29, 2009 ... I am attempting to wean my daughter off the breast..." ... weaning baby from breast · blueberry babies · wean bottle · Enfamil Pro ...

Problems Weaning

Has anyone else ever had problems when they started weaning due to mastitis? ... Check and see if your baby has thrush (yeast infection in a babies mouth). ...

Trying to Wean and Improve Sleep Patterns in a 16 Mo Old

We just weaned our 18 month old boy from night time nursing And are getting much better .... how to wean from breastfeeding · when to wean baby from bottle ...


With you expecting another baby, I'd pack up the bottles and put them away until the next one comes. What we did with our son, was we started doing weaning ...
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  • nuby sippy cups in 2 answers "I like nuby sippy cups- the ""
  • nuby sippy cup in 2 answers "I have a Playtex sippy but also the Nuby sippy cup which my daughter prefers."
  • when your body is ready in 2 answers "Your cycles will start when your body is ready and when they do, they may be different ..."
  • silicone spout in 2 answers "I recommend a Nuby cup with the silicone spout."
  • milk in a sippy cup in 2 answers "... kids were exclusively breast fed and if I ever tried to put milk in a sippy cup ..."