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How Long Before You Dump the Water in the Kiddie Pool?

There are some chlorine type drops you can buy to put in your baby pools to keep the water from going bad so quickly. I have found it at WalMart and other ...

Do I Still Need to Sterilize Bottles After Baby Turns 1?

You only need to sterilize if there's some issue with your water supply (e.g., well water) or if your baby has some cold or health issue. ...

Water Breaking?

Oct 15, 2009 ... It's probably the baby laying on or kicking your bladder. I've had lots of friends who had a trickle of urine and thought it was their water breaking. ...

Natural Birth Vs. Water Birth

I have had 3 babies and the only pain management I used was water. With the first I labored in the tub, but that hospital did not allow me to deliver in the ...

Water and Milk???

When do you start giving water and regular milk to my baby? ... You can start trying to give some water now. Babies usually don't like to drink water at ...

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders- Anyone Experience Water Loss?

I recently got out mine and noticed that the water is halfway down. ... When I got it out for my baby 5 year ago I experience what you described. ...

Can't Tell If My Water Broke

It sounds like your water broke and you need to get into the hospital, even if you are not having any pain. It's probably a small tear or your baby's head ...

Colic Calm Gripe Water Product?

After taking the Zantac he was a happy new baby. I tried the gripe water after he was about 6 months. It did not work at all. The zantac was the only thing ...

Water Births

I've been told that if you are in the hospital bath when the baby comes, well, then you just happen to have a water birth. I'm sure you'd want a midwife or ...

Seeking Experience and Answers with Premature Water Break at 26 Weeks

My water broke on Baby A's sac at 26 weeks. I was on complete hospital bedrest until I gave birth. My boys weighed 3lb 3oz 17 1/2 inches and 3lbs 2oz 15 1/2 ...
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  • also a labor and delivery nurse in 2 answers "... thing really sucks but you HAVE TO DO IT! I am also a labor and delivery nurse ..."
  • wasnt amniotic fluid in 2 answers "My OB said it probably wasn't amniotic fluid, but they tested it to be sure."
  • once your water breaks in 2 answers "Theres risk of serious infection once your water breaks and a lot of time passes - I ..."
  • after your water breaks in 2 answers "... get into the hospital because the risk of infection after your water breaks ..."
  • sounds like your water in 2 answers "Call your doctor now!! It sounds like your water broke and you need to get into the ..."