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Chronic Stomach Aches and Vomiting in 6-Year-old

For the past two and half months he has complained a lot of stomach pain. Usually he blames..." ... Complaining of Upset Stomach ...

16 Week Old - First Night in the Crib

Maybe gas or upset stomach keeps your baby up too. A newborn's esophagus doesn't close good and things come up a lot. The cereal will help with that. ...

Seeking Advice on Alternative Therapies for Reflux Baby

I too had a reflux baby and I thought at times I was going to lose my mind. .... on hand and use it on the grownups when the stomach is upset as well. ...

Morning Sickness Starting Again in My 8Th Month of Pregnancy

Your stomach is shoved way up in your abdomin right now so upset stomach ... They did ultrasounds a couple of times to make sure that the baby was healthy. ...

6 Month Old Suddenly Doesn't Want to Finish Bottles

I took him to the MD and they said maybe he has an upset stomach. The thing is, he is acting like himself and seems happy. Could a growing baby require less ...

Colicky Baby

These nerves lead directly to the diaphragm and stomach, causing terrible pain. ..... And every baby is different. Here's a few that upset my ...

What causes an infant to cry while eating?

Not normal baby amounts, but A LOT? If he does, that and the crying while eating ... nausea, and upset stomach, so we keep a bottle on hand for that now. ...

Serving H2O to Baby in 1St 6 Months?

If your baby gets to a point where he's eating SO much to the point where you'r concerned and all the liquid is giving him an upset stomach or something, ...

Colic Calm Gripe Water Product?

I not only gave it to her for an upset stomach, but gave it to her for teething ... After taking the Zantac he was a happy new baby. I tried the gripe water ...

Toddler Tummy Ache Remedy?

I used either Mylicon if it seemed like gas or Baby's Bliss Gripe Water. ... Water - When I have a really upset stomach I love to soak in a warm bath. ...
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