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Ideas on Introducing Dog to New Baby

We have a 3 month old baby girl and a 2 year old medium sized mutt that we had before the baby. Some things we tried that seemed to work were bringing home ...

Looking for Unknown Things to See and Do at Disneyland

Karen T added this item : A good BABY CARRIER/sling is a must for moms to get things done and mom and baby to connect!! Try here to ...

Ideas on Getting My Baby to Hold Her Own Bottle While Eating.

The Pacifeeder Hands Free Baby Bottle or the Podee Hands Free Feeding System are two solutions. You can buy it from Angelina's Unique Baby Things. ...

Enfamil Gentlease for a Gassy Baby?

One of the things we did was add the baby gas drops to the bottle instead of giving it to the baby. That always seemed to help with both my kids. ...

Baby Shower for 2Nd Pregnancy???

I was not smart and gave away most of my things from the first baby. .... I also got rid of all my daughter's baby things, so this will help out a lot, ...

Throwing a Baby Shower

She sold most of her baby things at a garage sale a few years ago thinking that she would not have any more children..."

Fun Things to Do

My partner and I are looking for fun things to do with our baby! We would really like to get him around other children for playgroups..."

Baby Prefers Mother-in-law

Especially because I worked hard in educating myself with all kinds of baby things and development things I still felt like a failure. ...

7 Mo. Old Baby Not Showing Any Interest in Crawling

She was a medium size baby. I remember reading those "your 7 month old baby" things and being so frustrated that my daughter wasn't crawling too. ...

Baby Show Games

The other game that was played was around the cake they had things set up (like a play cell phone and baby things) and after everyone had a chance to look ...
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  • many babies skip the crawling stage in 2 answers "... is an option rather than a necessity. Many babies skip the crawling stage ..."
  • medium sized mutt in 2 answers "I have a ten month old daughter and a two year old dog (a medium sized mutt as well ..."
  • gross motor skills in 3 answers "Bigger babys tend to do gross motor skills later than smaller ones, and its normal ..."
  • melt candy bars in 2 answers "Melt candy bars in diapers, guessing baby food, put a bunch of baby items (clippers ..."
  • end wins a prize in 2 answers "Whoever has the most pins at the end wins a prize."