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"Advice on Baby Sleep Needed Fas"t!

Read all 21 responses: "My 3 1/2 month old wakes up ever 1-2 hours at night. When is he going to sleep a whole night?? Or more hours at a time?

4 Mo Baby Rubbing Head During Sleep, Back Hair Wearing Off.

Read all 18 responses: "I've noticed that at night my baby is rubbing her head from side to side during sleep. Her head is perfectly round and she doesn't ...

Nursing Baby to sleep...need Advice.. :)

Read all 4 responses: "I have been reading the Baby Whisperer and she is very adamant about her EASY strategy (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You) I just cant seem ...

Sleep Sense Program... Anyone Heard of It?

I didn't want to spend all my time rocking babies to sleep, so I gradually .... Sorry I don't have info on sleep sense, but the baby whisperer saved us, ...

Putting a Teething Baby to Sleep.....

Read all 7 responses: "Hi there, I would really appreciate any help with this subject. My son is 1 week short of 8 months and he is already getting his 3rd ...

Anyone Nursing Baby to Sleep?

Read all 13 responses: "Ok, I know most Mom's (and my ped) say that nursing baby to sleep is a "no no" but long story short, I do and I enjoy it.

Can Babies Sleep Too Much?!?

Read all 8 responses: "My almost 6 month old baby girl just started teething, and is sleeping a TON! I don't know if this is normal or if I should be ...

3 Month Old Not Sleeping

Have you read the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child"? It has helped me alot to encourage me to do whatever it takes to get my baby to sleep as much as ...

"Daughter Keeps Rolling over in Her Sleep"

I have always heard that the back is the best way for the baby to sleep. ..... I , myself, would let your baby sleep the way that is comfortable for her. ...

7 Months and Won't Sleep Through the Night

Then "when babies should sleep through the night"thing that pediatricians tell us was determined at a time when most American babies were formula fed. ...
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  • havent heard of the sleep sense program in 2 answers "I haven't heard of the Sleep Sense program, but I did read the Healthy Sleep Habits ..."
  • once they can roll over in 5 answers "s will tell you that once they can roll over on their own you really dont have to ..."
  • richard ferbers book in 2 answers "I checked Dr. Richard Ferber's book of child sleeping out from the library and it ..."
  • they can turn their head in 2 answers "If they can roll over, they can turn their head enough not to suffocate on the mattress."
  • solve your childs sleep in 2 answers "... to stop her from waking, until I read the book How to Solve your Child's Sleep ..."