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Best Baby Food Brands

Baby food is not necessary. Just have the baby sit at the table when you eat, he will grab and play with what you have and learn to eat from you. ...

4 Year Old Acting Out Because of New Baby Sister

Try to get her to help out with the baby get her to feel like its her baby too. I have a 4 year old step son and I baby sit his cousins alot. ...

Stubborn, but Hard Working Husband.

Anyway, I've decided that getting someone to babysit while I help him with .... maybe you could have someone babysit the youngest 2 and have the older ones ...

Reviews on Sit 'N Stand Elite Double Stroller from One Step Ahead

If you want to check out this stroller this one is basically the same thing Baby Trend Deluxe Sit n Stand Plus You may have better luck finding that in the ...

When Can a Baby Have Crackers, Solids, Etc..

When a baby can sit unassisted and actually pick up the food and get it to her .... I heard that as long as your baby can crawl and sit on their own it is ...

Pregnant & Worried About My Toddler Hurting the Baby

But, I had him sit with me on the couch... he'd also come hug my belly because I told him there was a baby in there and it was also his baby. ...

High Levels of Lead in Babies Blood

I see that you babysit also- if you are babysitting in your home, you need to notify the parents of that child immediately of the lead situation, ...

Baby Bjorn

At 3 months old the Over The Shoulder Baby Holder or Maya Wrap with the baby sitting crossed legged and facing outward is great. ...

Being Able to Put Baby down Without Crying or Fussing

I am a total believer in holding your baby as much as you can, and being a very hands on mother, (sitting down and playing with her often, reading to her, ...

Looking for a Narrow Base and Baby Carseat

We have a Dodge Durango with 3 rows, but after we have the baby I will be doing ... anything on the baby or taking her blankets, and my kids all like to sit ...
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