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Any Experience with Avent Sippy Cups

They have had a sippy cup (Nuby) since 6 months. ... M added this item : Organic Clothing - great way to make sure your baby gets a green and healthy start. ...

Sippy Cup for Weaning from Breastfeeding?

For the first few days or even week of using a sippy cup, your baby may just sip on milk all day long until she gets the hang of the sippy, and learns to ...

Bottle Vs. Sippy Cup

He does use the sippy cup occasionally as well. I'll start the baby (12 months) on sippy cups soon, and I think all the bottles will disappear at the same ...

Transition to Sippy Cup

sippy cups in 6 answers "I agree with the previous response: it's never too ... If she has an interest in foods try the baby cereals and use the formula to ...

Looking for Plugs for Sippy Cups

For Gerber sippy cups, most other brands too, they normally carry them at places like Meijer, Farmer Jack, CVS, in the baby food aisle where you can also ...

Tips for Transitioning from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Then I found some cups w/ the silicon straws (the ones I used were Baby Enstine) and he ... My only suggestion it to try using a bottle like sippy cup. ...

Getting My Baby to Take a Bottle

Forget the bottle, Just give her a sippy cup. The doc is going to ask you to stop giving the bottle in a couple of months anyway. My breastfeed baby likes ...

Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Some children prefer those to sippy cups anyway. I have several friends whose children didn't use sippy cups. I know that when I was a baby/toddle, ...

Do Any Truly Leak-proof Sippy Cups Exist?

Read all 20 responses: "Hey Moms, Has anyone found a sippy cup that doesn't drip in the ... Back when my daughter was a baby, gerber had large (12 oz? ...

Baby to Bed with Sippy Cup of Water?

Read all 19 responses: "My 11-month daughter nurses at night multiple times. This makes me wake up, go down the hall to her crib, fully awaken to feed then ...
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  • nuby sippy cups in 3 answers "The Nuby sippy cups worked as a transition for my son."
  • nuby sippy cups in 2 answers "I like nuby sippy cups- the ""
  • playtex sippy cups in 2 answers "Hi J., I also find the playtex sippy cups to be the most reliable."
  • avent sippy cups in 2 answers "I really liked the Avent sippy cups."
  • nuby sippy cup in 2 answers "I have a Playtex sippy but also the Nuby sippy cup which my daughter prefers."