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An Always Sick Baby

J.S. asks from Omaha

I have a 15 month old son who has been sick almost constantly for 6 months now. First it was his ears so we got tubes put in. Now it is like his sinuses are always ...


What Can I Give My Baby When He's Sick?

C.P. asks from Houston

My 12 month old is very sick with a cough and a cold. He coughs so much at night. Any home remedies? He sneezes and coughs during the day, but it gets worse at nig...


Husband Giant Baby When Sick

A.C. asks from Philadelphia

My husband has a regular cold and is acting like he is going to die. . . he came home last night and literally fell asleep on the couch while I took care of the two k...


More on the Sick Baby...and Is She Sleeping Too Much?

L.L. asks from Rochester

I won't rewrite all of sweet sick baby's symptoms, but just add the new info. After seeing her ped yesterday, she decided it could possibly be something called int...


Sick of Being Sick!

K.W. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter and I are now on our 3rd cold since the begining of the year. My husband is some how very lucky and doesn't seam to get them. 3 in less than 2 months seam...


Sick Baby

S.W. asks from New York

My 10 month old has caught my cold (which i attempted to avoid by having her stay downstairs with my inlaws) today, day 2 she is not drinking much just fussy& whini...


Sick Baby

D.R. asks from Albany

My 9 month old has had diarrhea for 4-5 days. He has thrown up like 2-3 times in the beginning but hasn't since. He had a small fever for the first time today (like 1...


Sick Baby

H.V. asks from Las Vegas

My little 10.5 month old is running his first fever. He's had a very loose cough for 3 days and runny (but clear) nose for 2. The fever is just around 100 so I'm not ...


Sick Baby

N.K. asks from Lansing

How can I soothe my 2 month olds sore throat?


Baby Is Sick

R.G. asks from Las Vegas

My daughter is almost 4 months old and she has diarrhea. I know that there is not much that I can do for her but does anyone have any suggestions. I bf so I am trying...

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