baby rubber swim pant

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Three Year Old Son in a Leg Cast

M.H. asks from San Diego

My three year old son just got a cast on his leg. Although it is a walking cast, the doctor told me that he can not bathe, swim, go on any play structures or in any ...


Diaper Issues

A.R. asks from Richland

Hi Ladies - I have a question for all of you. I have a 2 year old son (26 months) who has peed through his diapers at night since he was a few months old. We used t...

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  • bag over his cast in 2 answers "We strapped a heavy weight garbage bag over his cast (lighter plastic is easily torn ..."
  • put a plastic bag in 3 answers "... When I had my cast (back in the 3rd grade), my mom would put a plastic bag ..."
  • sponge baths in 4 answers "I would wrap the casts with saran wrap and basically give her sponge baths."
  • diaper doublers in 4 answers "I buy Diaper Doublers through diapersite."
  • arm cast in 4 answers "I wrapped my daughters arm cast in a plastic trash bag and secured it with a rubberband ..."