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How to cat proof my cats from my child?

You know, when our cat was alive she wanted nothing to do with the baby or his room! But with younger cats I can see where they would be really curious. ...

Moving Baby (14 Months) to Own Room

Read all 23 responses: "First of all, please dont scold me. I know it was not the best thing to do but but my baby sleeps with us. I have a 5 year old that ...

Advice on Infant and Toddler Sharing a Room &/Or Bed

We took the plunge and moved the baby in to her sister's room cold-turkey. They did better than we'd hoped! We're still working on sleeping through the ...

Newborn and Toddler Sharing a Room? Is That Possible?

The flip side, is that at most, the baby would be one room away. If we respond quickly, I'm not sure there would be much difference. ...

Baby Monitor Advice

Read all 6 responses: "We are going to need a baby monitor in two rooms when our second child is born. We are just wondering how to make this work.

Sleep Solutions for Boys Sharing a Room

Unfortunately it will not work any more if the baby is in our room in a bassinet or the crib. Right now we have the luxury of letting him cry and fuss for a ...

Ideas on How to Keep Cat Out of Nursery

We got a baby monitor for the room that also had a motion detector. We placed the transmiter to face the door. Any time the cat would walk in it would set ...

Nursery Ideas

okay, i am finally expecting baby # 2 in april and need advice on nusery ideas. i have a one year old son that will be sharing his VERY TINY room with the ...

Disagree About Mom in Delivery Room

In the end, both my mom and dad were in the room (dad was up above my head where ... outside the surgery room to be the first to see our little baby girl. ...

Housewarming and Baby Shower in One!!

Do you have a theme for the baby's room? I would use the same theme as the baby's room and then you can get shower decorations that you can use later in the ...
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  • wooden screen door in 2 answers "Hi, A friend of mine put an actual wooden screen door (painted white it looks kinda ..."
  • screen door on the nursery in 2 answers "You might want to consider putting a screen door on the nursery."
  • wanted them to share a room in 2 answers "My first two children were 22 months apart. I wanted them to share a room."
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