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Anyone Had to Deal with Parents Being Controlling

Hi, my dh and I are discussing having one last baby and then were done. The problem is that my parents didn't like it when we had #3,4 and 5, ...

Planning a Baby Shower for My Brother's Girlfriend?

Ask her why the baby should be punished by it's parents supposed sins. Tell your mom that the family should have the right to choose to come or not. ...

Stroller for TALL Parents??

I actually have a baby business in South Orange County and we specialize in ... The Quinny is a great stroller for tall parents because of the long ...

Right Handed Parents Tring to Teach a Left Handed Child to Write

I had the opposite problem, I was the lefty, my parents found a lefty to help me . My daughter is a righty, .... Right Handed Parents- Left Handed Baby. EEEK ...

Couples Baby Shower

Read all 13 responses: "I am giving a couples baby shower and it is my first time ... About 35 people came and the soon to be parents got a ton of presents. ...

Baby Shower

My friend's shower theme was along the lines of the baby library idea...I decided to create a story of our own for the new parents-to-be & baby. ...

Real Life Results of "Your Baby Can Read"

I don't know much about this program, but it sounds like a scam to appeal to parents who want to impress other parents that their baby can "read. ...

How Do I Get More Parents Interested?

How Do I Get More Parents Interested? I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to ... Things like rec center mom and baby classes, My Gym, Gymboree, ...

Baby Shower for a Friend

Most restaurants have abanquet room Ive gone to a baby shower at a restaurant before & it was nice We ... baby shower planning ideas · baby shower parents ...

Parents Are the Problem

The actual children are all fine (for now), but the parents create issues where there are none and are .... baby by parents · parenting advice for parents ...
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