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Baby Names

B.F. asks from Rochester

So it has been 10 years since I last gave birth and so many things have changed! However one thing that remains constant baby names. Once I had thought I was done w...


Boys Names

T.C. asks from Johnson City

ok need help with boys names, hpoing and somewhat expecting a girl but didnt get her, a lil disappointed but no more than in normal everyday life still love this one ...


Baby Names

A.P. asks from Spokane

I feel like I'm bing presured to come up with a name for my daughter. I'm due November 15th and everyone wants to know what I'm naming her. The truth is I don't know....


Help!! I Am Looking for Names...

R.S. asks from Sheboygan

I am looking for baby names. We are having our 3rd child in May (I know I have TONS of time) but can not find a name that my husband and I can agree on. I am just loo...


Baby Noy Names Starting with Letter "A"

L.F. asks from Tyler

Please help me!! I am 26wks preg and having a hard time with a boy name. Our daughter's name begins with the letter A and I would like ideas for cute boy names starti...


Hard to Pronounce Baby Names

A.B. asks from Richmond

My husband and I are having a hard time agreeing on a name for our new daughter. The only name that we have been able to agree upon is one which is pronounced differ...


Need Help with Baby Names

M.T. asks from Austin

ok so i am asking you ladies on behalf of my sister in law she is preggers with a little boy that they are going to name Konner and we are trying to find a middle na...


Need a Baby Name for a Girl

C.M. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are trying to think of a unique baby name for our daughter due in August. I kind of like classic names like Scarlett and he likes Katie. We still hav...


Help with a Baby Name!!!

K.L. asks from Des Moines

Hey Mamas! I love asking questions on this site because you mamas always have the best answers! I thought I would ask a more fun question this time! My husband and I ...

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