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Is 8 Months Baby Is Too Young to Eat Bread by Her Own

S.M. asks from New York

My girl is almost 8 months. I'm giving her cereal and veggie and fruit puree. I wonder whether I can give her a piece of bread to eat all by herself. Is she too young...


How Do I Prepare My 17Month Old for a New Baby in a Couple Months?

R.S. asks from Minneapolis

Preg with baby #2 and am due in Feb. Our little girl will be 21 months old. How do I get her involved and still feel like she's getting the attention she needs? We...


My 7 Months Old Baby Refuses Soild Food

S.I. asks from State College

i have exclusively breast fed my baby till she turns 6 months. now she is 7 and 1/2 months and she refuses any soild food , cereal or any home made food, acctually sh...


Feeding Cereal Before 4 Months?

M.C. asks from Chicago

Has anyone fed their baby (rice)cereal before the reccomnended 4 months? I know my parents and others in their late 50's did to their children in their bottles & no h...


Flight and 7 Months Old

I.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies, can you give me any good advice or tips how to fly with 7 months old baby? need benadryl or,......... it will be long flight 12 hrs and i will fly alone wi...


6 Months Old

I.T. asks from Los Angeles

how many oz should 6 months old baby drink every day? she is only on milk, no solids yet. I have read a lot and my doctor told me different story so i really dont kno...


Is My Baby Girl Behind in Her Development at 9 Months Old?

R.L. asks from Boston

Hello there! My baby girl is 9 months old, and I am very concerned about her development. She recently had her 9-month visit and her pediatrician was very surprised a...


Does Anyone Want Baby Girl Clothes? I Have from Newborn to Nine Months!

J.D. asks from Houston

I have a baby girl and she is done using her newborn to nine months i kept them because i am pregnant and thought i was going to have another girl but it is a boy. so...


My 6 Months Old Baby Refuses Solid Food

F. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas, I am having so much trouble feeding solid food to my 6 months old baby. I was told that breastfeeding was the best. It may be so for the baby but I wa...


Is 4 Months Too Old to Swaddle?

K.A. asks from Allentown

My pediatrician told me I should have stopped swaddling at 2 months, but my baby wakes himself up if he's not swaddled at night. It's like he gets restless arm syndr...

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  • wouldnt give your baby benadryl in 2 answers "... they were 7 months and barley 3 years old. I wouldnt give your baby benadryl ..."
  • didnt like solid food in 2 answers "My breastfed babies didn't like solid food until they were around 12 months or so ..."
  • cereal before 4 months in 3 answers "I fed all 3 of my boys cereal before 4 months and they are all fine."
  • their own pace in 3 answers "... watch (he eventually went back to walking). Third, kids go at their own pace."
  • history of food allergies in 2 answers "... half of their first year, longer if there is a family history of food allergies."