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Ineffective Epidural for 1St Baby; OK with 2Nd?

In an episode of Baby Story, a woman had to have her epidural redone because it had slipped. .... baby delivery stages · irish baby name meanings ...

Baby Coming soon...need Names!!!

I just went on the internet and found a baby name site. We would type in a name and find out what it ..... hebrew names meanings · modern italian baby names ...

Baby Name Help

If your meaning for it to sound more like "in", then use the "e". .... A gift for both mom (or any other caregiver) and baby!!! 1 hour ago ...

Help...need Baby Names!!

We all have "J" first names, so we would like to give the baby one too, although , ... Instead of focusing on 'name meanings', it focused on current ...

Seek Opinion on Three Frisco Daycares

Hi T., I can provide a safe and clean environment for your baby, as well as a variety of age .... meaning of names in spanish · spanish baby names meaning ...

PART 2-- Seeking More Advice

My grandma recently passed away and I wanted to include her in this baby naming- - her ..... japanese baby names and meanings · japanese baby name meanings ...

Baby Shower Games

Oct 11, 2009 ... One that I haven't seen suggested already is a matching game with baby names and their meanings. You can find them online or there are ...

We Can't Decide on a Name !!!

A name should mean something -- qualities you want your child to have -- I am sure you have a baby name book -- look up the meaning of the names - trust me ...

Help with Baby Naming Etiquette!

Baby naming is a big compromise! I agree with your husband on the middle ...... What i end up doing is making a large list of names with the meanings of ...
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