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Converting a 3/4 Bed to Full Size

It's a very tight fit for the full size mattresses, because this bed frame is ... have this and when I checked around USA Baby had the best and sturdiest. ...

How Can I Make My Daughter's Crib More Comfortable but Still Safe?

The expensive crib mattresses are really no different than the less expensive ones. They have to be firm for the safety of the baby. ...

Twin Mattress Recommendation for 3 Year Old Boys

I would recommend mattresses that are firm but still offer some padding for ... We just put our son's crib up and the mattress came covered in plastic. ...

Extra Deep Crib? Does It Exist?

My daughter did the same thing at 18 months. we went to a toddler bed because we could use the crib mattress and bedding and it seemed smaller and more ...

Looking for to Buy Mattress That Alleviates Back Pain

Read all 7 responses: "Hi Ladies, We are buying a new mattress and bedroom furniture. ... buying house · buy a house · baby mattresses · country furniture ...

New Mattress Flammability Standards

Read all 8 responses: "I was researching an old mattress that was given to us and ... Baby Getting Carsick · Husbands Masters. 2 Year Old and Constipation ...

Sleeping Arrangements for Two Babies in One Bedroom Apartment

He's 4 now, but he slept on it when he was three and his brother was a baby in the crib. If you have the room, you could also stash the extra mattress under ...

Crib Bumpers

I Put it on then put the matress back it so it held the bumper down. it is only about 5 inches above the matress .... cribs baby furniture · crib mattresses ...

Need a Twin Mattress for First Bed

Have you considered using the crib mattress? ... Your mattress is one of the most important purchases from the crib to old age so make it a well-thought-out ...

Putting Two Mattresses Together for Co-sleeping

My question is, what do you do about the seam in between the mattresses? I don't want our baby to get wedged between them, and I don't want anyone to end up ...
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  • bought a breathable bumper in 2 answers "... son started doing the same thing at 6 months...I also bought a breathable bumper ..."
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