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Learning Colors and Shapes

put your child in front of some baby learning videos every day and he would learn the stuff. Right now your child is playing you like a lolly pop :-) ...

My Baby Doesn't Want Me to Read to Her

Now at 5 he is learning to read himself and LOVES to be read to. ... tell her, " that's ok, I'll just read to the baby doll", read to the doll and act as ...

"Your Baby Can Read"

The program works in the sense that a baby/toddler is learning to "read" by sight words. The repetetive use of flashcards and repeating what the particular ...

Baby Thrashing While Trying to Latch

Your baby is still learning & doesn't have a lot of control of their arms & legs yet. If you have someone around, they can help out by holding your baby's ...

Are Exersaucers and Jumpers Bad for My Baby's Development?

Using these products does not prevent a baby from learning to crawl. I also know several intelligent, successful people who did not crawl. ...

18-Month Old Baby Wakes at Night and Nap Time

Oct 31, 2009 ... I looked at the baby monitor, there were a few times at night and during nap .... baby crying · walker baby · baby learning · teething baby ...

Baby Trembles When Woken Up

I have my degree in early childhood and I remember learning about this because like you I found it odd. All babies have what's called the startle reflex. ...

Newborn Making Gasping Noise When He Eats

every baby does this they are learning to breathe air and eat at the same time . good luck and congrats on the new arrival. and the small trachea i am ...

Baby Constantly Spits Food

Make it a little fun and the learning process will go faster. ... Try including her in your meal, and supplementing with the baby food only when you are ...

Attachment Parent Leaving 12 Mnth Baby for First Time

You have made your baby to dependent on you and you on her. By 12 months they should not be ... It is a bigger learning curve for you than her. Helpful? ...
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  • la leche league in 2 answers ":P anyway, contact your local or nearby la leche league."
  • teaches shapes and colors in 2 answers "My daughter loves her Sesame spin and learn toy that teaches shapes and colors."
  • makes all the difference in the world in 2 answers "... but I wish I'd started sooner because it makes all the difference in the world."
  • slow flow nipple in 2 answers "... may need to check his nipple size and make sure you are using a slow flow nipple."
  • knowing shapes and colors in 2 answers "5 and not knowing shapes and colors is fine... Don't put so much pressure on him ..."