baby grunts while sleeping

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10-Month-old Not Crawling/cruising/rolling (Really) or Otherwise Moving Around!

S.J. asks from San Diego

Hi moms! i just joined today and the most pressing concern i have is my 10-month-old's gross motor skills...i.e., she ain't goin nowheres! I have a healthy, beautif...


My 3 Month Old Sleep Patterns

M.B. asks from Duluth

I have a 3 month old and a lot of questions about her sleep. The first question I have is my 3 month old does not take long naps unless I am holding her. She is a...


Gas and Constipation

D.B. asks from San Francisco

I am the Father of a 2 1/2 week old newborn. Both me and the mother are lactose intolerant. Baby started on a milk formula and later switched to soy due to heavy gas...


My 7 Mo-old Son Cries in His High Chair at PM Feeding. WHY?

A.K. asks from Los Angeles

My 7 mo-son has started to cry after about the 4th bite of baby food. He will cry hysterically until I remove him from the chair and calm him down enough to sit and e...


My 7 Week Old Stirs at 4 Am and Never Really Goes Back to Sleep

J.S. asks from Indianapolis

My 7 week old will eat and go back to sleep about 2am then starts stirring around 4am: grunting, stretching, & crying but never really fully wakes up. I've tried res...



N.L. asks from Tampa

I have a 1 year old (and 2 weeks) son and he seems to frustrate very oven. If he is playing with something and can't do what he wants he starts biting the toy, kickin...


HELP! My 8 Week Old HATES His Crib!!

T.W. asks from Tampa

I need some help from the experienced moms out there. My 8 week old son hates his crib. When I say hates, I mean HATES. He can be limp asleep on me or in the swing...


2 Year Old Cries Out Every Night but NOT Awake (I Don't Think They're Terrors)

A.N. asks from Nashville

Every since my DD was 8 months old, she has been waking up 2-5 times throughout the night crying out. Sometimes they're just a moan and other times they are very lou...


Newborn Gas

D.R. asks from Denver

My newborn son who is now 6 weeks old gets bad gas around 4-6 am every morning and is obviously uncomfortable and does not sleep well during these hours. He gets a fu...


Two and a Half Year Old, Sleep Apnea/disorder or Just Snoring?

T.L. asks from San Francisco

My two and a half year old daughter makes very strange sounds when she sleeps. It occurs both during her naps and at night, even when she naps in the car upright in h...

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