baby grunts

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My 1-Week Old Doesn't Sleep Well in Her Bassinet-any Advice?

She grunts, whimpers and cries in her sleep, and she also flails her arms .... Congratulations on your brand new baby! My only advice is to try using a ...

Discomfort Night Feeding

Mylacon is a life savor. also, what are you eating? is he a nursing baby that could be an issue. at 3 weeks they grunt alot and move there arms it is just ...

3 Week Old Having Trouble with Bowel Movements

He is otherwise an incredibly happy baby. Even if he is full and dry, he grunts and pushes and screams for up to an hour before he finally has a bowel ...

Baby Questions for Other Moms

Sep 28, 2009 ... Read all 21 responses: "I have a nine month old baby boy and he said ... past grunts I wouldnt stress They all develop at their own rate ...

Help! My 4 Week Old Wont Poop!

Sep 29, 2009 ... He is a very gassy, uncomfortable baby compared to his big brother. He also squirms a lot---like your son---and grunts when he is "pushing". ...

How Long Should 14 Week Old Be Sleeping?

Read all 15 responses: "I have a beautiful 14 week old baby and she sleeps ... but my daughter grunts and turns her head back to sleep several times a night ...

Newborn + Breastfeeding + Middle of the Night Cosleeping = Po'd Husband - HELP

Oct 22, 2009 ... Last night the baby only woke once at 130am to eat get changed and do his grunting routine until about 215am Although my DH did get up to ...

Breastfed Baby with Pooping Issues

He grunts and crys and really seems like he is having a difficult time. ... I have a nine month old who is breastfed and eats baby food. I have always had ...

Fitful Sleep in Newborn

Yep my baby's the same way! (6 weeks) he laughs and cries in his sleep, .... It blocks out some of the gurgles and grunts, but if your son needs you - I ...

Baby Babbling

... and she really only grunts, squeals, laughs and razzes - no ba-ba sounds. ... A baby of 7 months should be reacting to you by making eye contact with ...
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