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2 Month Old Baby Not Sleeping More than 9 Hours Total

It sounds like it might be time for her to learn to go to sleep w/o nursing/ bottle. Something that both Babywise and Happiest Baby promote. ...

8 Month Old Cry-Baby

I think it is good that you are staying with your baby until she is asleep ... This also helps them to go back to sleep if something wakes them in the night ...

2 Year Old Not Wanting to Go to Sleep

Oct 26, 2009 ... 2 Year Old Not Wanting to Go to Sleep. It's 10:30 and my two year old still hasn 't gone to .... 11 Month Old Baby Stays up Until 2-3 Am ...

7 Year Old Still Sucks Thumb to Go to Sleep!!

yep, I have to use it to go to sleep...if I don't suck on my thumb, I can't sleep! ... I was a thumb-sucker for way too long past my 'baby years' too. ...

Sleep Solutions for Boys Sharing a Room

I put them in about 7:30 and on most nights they don't go to sleep until 9:00 .... I had a chair in their room and I would bring the baby, nurse her and ...

Is 9-10Pm Too Late for a 3 Month Old Baby to Go to Sleep

Aug 20, 2009 ... Read all 33 responses: "Hi - I am a mother of a 3 month old he started with a bedtime routine about 2 weeks ago and goes to sleep around ...

My 2 and a Half Year Old Taking Forever to Go to Sleep!

I give her a book, a baby doll and the music and she soothes herself to sleep to the soft .... Seeking Help for the "Don't Want to Go to Sleep Struggle" ...

10 Month Old Baby Sleeping Issues

Read all 10 responses: "Hi There I have a 10 month old baby & for the past ... The "No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley might be the way to go here. ...

Sleep Sense Program... Anyone Heard of It?

She said that it took almost 5 years to get her to go to sleep on her own and in her own bed. She said that with her second baby, she just lays him down and ...

Baby Sleep Coach - Anyone Used?

Read the booksHappiest baby on the block andsleep seance. Good luck. ps Now my son loves to go to sleep He points to the book casebecause I read him two ...
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