baby gagging on bottle

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Gagging at Night

He coughs at night until he gags himself and then throws up. ... A water bottle, with a sports top, is also placed next to his bed. ...

Eating at Night

He still wakes up 2-3 times a night for a bottle. I've tried giving..." ... Baby food and cereal as well Mine does not gag but he does get a little mad Mine ...

Getting My 11 Month past the Stage 3 Foods

My oldest is 8 and when he was a baby he would gag on stage three. I asked the doctor about it and he told me not to waste my money on stage three. ...

10 Month Old Started Refusing Baby and Table Food

He recently started refusing all spoon fed food. we tried giving him table food, and he gags. He never refuses the bottle and chugs his formula like a champ ...

Baby Won't Eat Veggies or Meat Baby Food

May 22, 2009 ... At about 4 months the pedi said I could start giving baby food and to start ... Bottle & Breastfeeding · Digestion · Eating Disorders ..... My baby (now 10 months old)has also gagged on foods to the point of throwing up. ...

Seeking Advice on Managing Baby's Reflux

I decided to see if the Zantac would work before I put my baby through any more ..... When i started giving her the rice bottles the urping and gagging and ...

My Baby Won't Transition from Breast Milk to Formula! Help...

Read all 18 responses: "I had a beautiful baby in November 2008...he is my " bonus" ... If he gags with other things than its the nipple on the bottle try ...

My 4 Yr Old Refuses to Wipe Herself After.

It took a very long time for the gagging to improve and even longer to get ... All these things helped but the final straw was a new baby and we told him ...

14 Month Old Baby Won't Eat Textured Foods or Feed Himself

But he was the perfect baby, very intelligent, hardly ever cried, etc. ... (He wouldn't even drink from a bottle or eat Cheerios, gagged at the sight of a ...

10 Month Old Not Eating Solids

He would gag on any solids I tried to give him and would throw up all of his food that he had .... He ate baby food until he was at least 18 months old. ...
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