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What to Feed Almost 8 Month Old Baby??

My son was on Stage 2 baby food by 7-8 months, and Stage 3 at 9-10 months. Around 7 months, I gave my son fruit and cereal for breakfast, vegetables for ...

16 Month Old Still Eating Pureed and Baby Food

Try mixing chunks into his baby food. For example, if he likes pureed carrots, ... I kept her on the stage 2 formula until she turned 2 and started eating ...

Best Baby Food Brands

We used Beechnut for our twins, which does not add anything to most of their babyfood through stage 2 (but watch out for those "dessert fruits" as some have ...

2 Year Old Still Likes Baby Food

Oct 27, 2009 ... Read all 9 responses: "So my 2 yo... doesnt eat food very well. ... Yes the baby food i do give her is a stage 3 so there is chunks in it. ...

My 5 1/2 Month Old Is Always Hungry.

I never really stayed long with the baby food, she was eating stage 2 when most babies were eating stage 1. I never gave her stage 3 b/c there was no point ...

"Lil Guy Formula/infant Food Issue PART 2"

I made my own baby food, so I didn't have the issue of stage 2 and stage 3, but I also belong to a message board that goes by the month you were due/baby ...

Beech Nut Babyfood?

Read all 18 responses: "Hi Moms - I've seen Beech Nut babyfood ... My daughter loves the cinnamon raisin granola breakfast food the best (stage 2). ...

9 1/2 Will Not Eat the Stage 3 Foods

Apr 26, 2009 ... My baby is 18 months old & still eats stage 2 foods. ... I went to a garage sale this weekend & I saw they were selling stage 3 babyfood. ...

How to deal with infant food intolerance?

He is 14 months old and still will only eat Stage 2 baby food. My Ped. just keeps reminding me that every baby is different and some tolerate food really ...

When Can I Move on from Stage 1 Foods?

Since then we've been introducing a new baby food about once a week. ... When Do I Switch My Daughter off of Stage 1 Baby Stage 2? ...
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