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Help Weaning from Bottle

I have a 18 month old son who is still on the bottle and eats baby food from a jar. I can't seem to get him to take a sippy cup or eat table food. ...

Baby Will Not Take a Bottle.

She is now 7 months and still has refused the bottle. She also refuses baby food and rice cereal and everything her doctor has suggested we give her. ...

10 Month Old Won't Eat Solids

I used to put the baby food in the bottle with formula and cereal. If you cut the whole a little bigger in the nipple and make sure it isn't to thick she ...

8 Month Old Refusing Bottle

(We would want the baby food too). As long as he is still eating I would recommend taking him off the bottle. If you force him to continue with the bottle ...

Advice on Weaning Baby from Bottle/formula

Read all 16 responses: "My daughter will be one on Sunday. She was 5 weeks premature so I have planned to put the bottle weaning on the back burner for ...

Should I Switch to STAGE 2 Baby Food?

She wakes up at about 730 and has her first bottle at 8am. At about 1230-1pm She has lunch which is two jares of stage 1 baby food. ...

How Many Jars of Baby Food?

At 9 months old your baby should be eating a whole jars of baby food. ... a whole jar of vegetables and them the same 30mins to an hour later 8oz bottle. ...

Breast Feed Baby Who Won't Take a Bottle

Breast Feed Baby Who Won't Take a Bottle. I have have a 4 month old daughter who has been breast feed. I am ready to wean her as we are starting solid foods ...

When to Start Feeding a Baby Food and Not Just Formula

Read all 21 responses: "when can you start to feed your baby food and not just formula? ... Whatever you do... do NOT put cereal in the baby's bottle. ...

Transitioning Baby from Breast Milk to Formula...

We made our daughter's baby food-there are great websites out there, ... i did mine different i started out w/ the night time bottle and made it a full ...
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