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How Many Jars of Baby Food?

He takes four or five bottles of formula per day which is about 28 ounces and then the baby food is a little cereal at breakfast with some fruit mixed in; ...

Daughter Will Not Eat Baby Food

My daughter also refused to eat baby food at a young age. I think she was around five or six months and her formula just wasn't doing it for her. ...

11 Month Old Suddenly Started Refusing Formula

All my kids came off formula very early to include baby food. They get a taste of real food and formula doesn't mix with what they are eating. ...

How to Tell When Formula Is Not Enough

I started giving my baby food in a feeder at about 5 months. .... If your baby is drinking more formula I'd chalk it up to a growth spurt and wait until the ...

How Much Formula Should a 7Mth Old Drink a Day??

My daughter prefers food to formula after three days of only feeding her cereal only in the morning all I ended up with was a really cranky baby. ...

How Much Formula/food Should a Ten Month Old Take?

How Much Formula/food Should a Ten Month Old Take? ... 8:30 breakfast 2-3 TBSP Cereal mixed with 1 oz juice, 2 oz yo-baby, 15ish cheerios and 1-2oz formula ...

6 Month Old Menu

Do I give more food or go against doc and give more formula? what other foods other than baby food can I give. I just want him to be happy after eating ...

9 Month Old Doesn't Want Formula

I've started mixing his food with formula so that he gets some of the other nutrition. .... 9 month baby food · formula feeding babies ...

What Formula for a Colicky Baby?

What Formula for a Colicky Baby? One of my friend needs a recommendation for the formula ... I picked it up at the health food store and come to find out, ...

Not Getting Enough Formula?

I found that both of my kids, as babies, hated baby food (bland)and ate well after they got food seaasoned like most of us like it. Just hide the formula in ...
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  • primary source of nutrition in 2 answers "Since breastmilk or formula are the primary source of nutrition, supplemented with ..."
  • sounds like shes eating in 2 answers "... her the night bottle if she'll at all let you. It sounds like she's eating ..."
  • right off the bat in 2 answers "I used that right off the bat with my other two and had no problems with colick with ..."
  • dha and ara in 2 answers "... labels and found that the Carnation (now its Nestle) Good Start with DHA & ARA ..."
  • went through a spell in 2 answers "I did this with my son when he went through a spell of really enjoying solids."