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Advice for a 40 Year Old Thinking About Having a Baby

I am not trying to be pessimistic, I just wouldn't want you to make a decision without geting all of the facts. I love my baby, and I wouldn't change her ...

My Baby Won't Latch to My Breasts

... and rightfully so, but sometimes those around us are blinded by the "facts". .... It took me three weeks for my baby to get the hang of it. ...

Enfamil Vs. Parents Choice

I looked on the nutrition facts on the back of the cans and compared them. ... if it is exactly the same, try it and see how your baby reacts. Helpful? ...

Breastfeeding Advice Needed - Teething Infant Not Getting Hind Milk

Your baby is getting everything he needs when he eats. Don't worry too much about the 'hind milk' issue, and if you need more facts to support your decision ...

Time to Add Baby #2??

Sep 25, 2009 ... I thought I would solicit your advice on trying for baby2 My .... get a lot of flack for these statements but there are facts to back it up ...

Has Anyone Had Problems with Your 10 Mo Old Sleeping Shortly After Immunizations

Sep 30, 2009 ... Read all 10 responses: "My baby girl just turned 10 months old last ... and interesting stating only the facts from their own documents. ...

Pregnancy and Cat Litter

Good luck with the future baby! THE FACTS ABOUT TOXOPLASMOSIS & PREGNANCY. When the pregnant cat owner first encounters this word while leafing through a ...

Baby Weight

Even for me old metabolic slomo the baby weight DID come off It took a YEAR .... It's time to face the facts You have 3 children under 8 and your husband is ...

Breastfeeding Baby with Milk Protein Intolerance

I don't want to harm my baby by not going to formula, so I thought I would ask if any of you moms have ..... breastfeeding facts · rare baby names ...

Seeking Information on Vbac's and an OBGYN Willing to Perform a VBAC

FYI...the baby only has about 8 min to get out! Serious consequences to the baby and the mother could occur. Make sure you know your facts! ...
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