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Baby Measuring a Little Small, Carrying Small, Looking Small, Due Tomorrow...

My due date is tomorrow and I have been taking care of a very active, ..... so even though you had the date written on your calendar, your baby could have ...

After Miscarriage, How to Keep It Together as the Due Date Approaches.

When our baby's due date arrived (that day was SO difficult to get through), we stood by the angel and my husband said a beautiful prayer. ...

Past My Due Date

My son came 10 days after my due date. You don't havae anything to worry about. Just that the baby is not ready for her grand entry into the world. ...

Is It Too Soon to Get Ready for Baby?

Very few babies actually come on their due date, and the hospital won't let you take your baby home without an inspected carseat. You really don't want to ...

1St Baby Born Early, Is It Likely My 2Nd One Will Be Too?

My first came on her exact due date, naturally, my 2nd came 3 weeks early and my 3rd was late...I think it truly depends on the baby. ...

Complete Placenta Previa--Anyone Had This? Advice?

I ended up having a vaginal delivery with being induced due to low anmniotic fluid. .... baby due calender · pregnancy due date calendar · low placenta ...

Baby Measuring Smaller than Gestational Age

I feel like may be he is off on the due date and the baby is just not ready yet. This is my first so I am a very worried. Please let me know if anyone has ...

Creative Ways to Announce You're Expecting.

(listing my due date)". I was actually due in December so I made the tag with .... that she write everything on so my hub wrote the due date on the calendar. .... right around Father's Day, and the baby's due date was Valentine's Day. ...

Looking for Acupuncturist Recommendations in NYC

Not sure if they will see you so close to due date. First appt is a longer consult on ... I would consider letting your baby stay in until he/she is ready. You will have an easier time .... due date calendar · pregnancy chinese calendar ...


Oct 17, 2009 ... They may change your due date later depending on the measurements of the baby. April 1st doesn't seem right at all! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...
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  • first day of your last period in 2 answers "... Plug in the first day of your last period ..."
  • before your due date in 3 answers "... quickly and really don't need to be done until a few weeks before your due date."
  • smaller than gestation in 2 answers "... my first child, a girl, I started measuring a cm or so smaller than gestation ..."
  • glass of red wine in 2 answers "... being sent home, I was told(by the dr) eat something, a small glass of red wine ..."
  • weeks before due date in 2 answers "Here is what I did: 4 weeks before due date I started washing the new baby clothes ..."