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American Girl Doll Age

I have a 3 year old and she isn't really into these dolls a little big for her yet, my mother thought she needed the Bitty baby which is supposed to be ...

Best Birthday Gifts/toys for a 1 Year Old Little Girl

Baby dolls are great, my daughter has toted them around since she was walking. She loves anything musical, shakers, pretend guitars, little piano, bongo's, ...

Washing Cabbage Patch Doll

I have spot washed her doll a number of times with a mixture of baby oxiclean and water. I just use a wash cloth and rub the solution on the arms and legs. ...

Dress-up Dolls That Aren't Barbie or American Girl?

A regular baby doll or Cabbage Patch would be great for a 4 year old. It's great that you are even thinking of this. I introduced my daughter to Barbie's ...

New Baby on the Way

Oct 6, 2009 ... What I did: I played baby dolls with her. We watched a good bit of baby story, adoption story, special delivery and deliver me. ...

At What Age to Give an American Girl Doll

Read all 6 responses: "My almost 7-year-old wants an American Girl doll for Christmas, and since they're so ... Whats the "Best" Baby Doll in Your Opinion? ...

Couples Baby Shower Games

Once I had a diaper changing contest, and the plastic baby dolls had pudding and .... You can have the men dress up baby dolls with baby clothes on a timer. ...

Gift Ideas for Big Brother from New Baby

My daughter is baby crazy as it is, so we are going to get her a new baby doll from her little brother, so she can be taking care of her baby while i take ...

How to Care for Toddler While Baby Nurses

My girls really loved their 'Woodkins' - and they're easy to play with 1-handed, Leap-Frog games for toddlers, baby dolls (they copied my behavior), ...

Almost 9 Year Old Is Baby Talking

Sep 23, 2009 ... She loves her baby dolls and all the imaginative play that goes with it. Do any of you have any ideas about why she wants to baby talk and ...
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